Grandmaster Loh and the TTA


Our club is part of the Traditional Taekwondo Association (TTA) which is lead by Grandmaster T.K.Loh (9th Dan). Originally from Malaysia and now based in Glasgow, Grandmaster Loh is internationally recognised as a True Taekwondo Grandmaster.

Grandmaster Loh is in constant communications with the top universities offering Taekwondo as a subject as well as eminent leaders in the field, and is a member of iTAR (international Taekwondo Research).

Every grading is carried out by Grandmaster Loh himself, and as such every student benefits for his huge expertise. Students are also able to attend a number of training seminars taken by Grandmaster Loh each year, and are encouraged to enter competitions.

The Traditional Taekwondo Association (TTA) was set up by Grandmaster T.K. Loh in 1989 in order to spread Taekwondo the way it was originally intended - as a holistic concept of training the mind and body. The TTA looks to provide its students with an understanding of the capability of the human mind and body, and aims to instil the ideas of mental strength and a persevering spirit.

The TTA also aims to enable its practitioners to focus and concentrate their mind on the varying tasks and obstacles that Taekwondo presents as well as attaining the indomitable spirit to overcome them, thus building their confidence level and providing them with the humility attained through their achievement.

The TTA seeks to provide its students with leadership training and to develop a sense of self-discipline as well as the discipline of their focus, coupled with an ability to conduct themselves with proper decorum and etiquette. With the mushrooming of Taekwondo schools all over the world, the Traditional Taekwondo Association will stay firm in its resolve to maintain the traditional aspects of Taekwondo practices.

Grandmaster Loh, with his experience and knowledge, has maintained the true way of Taekwondo in the form of the Traditional Taekwondo Association. He has never devalued the journey a student has to make, the hardships, the joy as well as the steadfast attitude the student has to cultivate in favour of commercialism and sport. Coupled with his medical knowledge and Taekwondo expertise, training in the Traditional Taekwondo has been most effective in producing the highest quality of Taekwondo student.

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British Taekwondo Council

The TTA is a member of the British Taekwondo Council, which is the national governing body for Taekwondo recognised by the Sports Council