32nd TTA Individual Championships, Nov 2015


On the 1st November 2015, 11 members of TTA London travelled to Glasgow for the 32nd TTA Individual Championships representing the club in Poomsae (Patterns), Kyorugi (Sparring) and Refereeing. TTA London came 4th in the Squad Table returning with a total of 4 Gold, 2 Silver and 5 Bronze Medals. Congratulations to all competitors and many thanks to the organisers for a great event, Mr Bender for all the advice and support, and Jemima for your coaching!Rachelle Ragasa, first time competitor:

“I initially found the idea of competing scary especially when you are relatively new to Taekwondo but as I now see it, competitions are a great way of applying your Taekwondo training into practice. Ceasing opportunities like competitions I believe can help you to identify areas of improvement in order for you to grow and progress in your journey as a Taekwondo practitioner."I was very proud to be part of the London TTA team and I thought everyone did amazing and showed a lot of team spirit. Overall I learnt so much not only from competing but also watching from the sidelines. Looking forward to the next competition.”

Anthony Cornwell, first time referee:

“Having competed twice at TTA competitions I was surprisingly apprehensive before my first time as a referee. The quality of someone's fight, and the competitors' safety, are in your hands. Our head of court (in charge of overseeing the ring) was extremely helpful and immediately implemented a rotation system which enabled us to experience the roles of centre referee, corner judge and those managing the scoring system at the head table."The day was an excellent experience and really adds to your understanding of taekwondo, including the types of techniques that score and the 'conversation' between two players during a match. Centre refereeing was immensely enjoyable, offering the best seat in the house for each match. The key is assertiveness, allowing both players to know they must do their best to act within the rules and produce an exciting, safe match. I will look forward to refereeing at future competitions and applying what I have learnt from this experience in sparring practice.”

Poomsae medals

  • Sarah Garrett: Bronze
  • Charlotte Foong: Gold
  • Lennon Chirebvu: Gold
  • Anthony Cornwell: Bronze
  • Louise Mayor: Bronze
  • Rachelle Ragasa: Gold
  • Alistair Larsson: Bronze

Kyorugi medals

  • Tricia Eghagha: Bronze
  • Louise Mayor: Silver
  • Rachelle Ragasa: Silver
  • Alistair Larsson: Gold


  • Mr Bender
  • Dr Lew
  • Sarah Garrett
  • Charlotte Foong
  • Anthony Cornwell
  • Lennon Chirebvu


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