4th Annual London Weekend Course 2017


On Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th May 2017, London hosted the 4th Annual Taekwondo Weekend Course, conducted by Grandmaster Loh, attended by a range of ages, grades and TTA Clubs including Sussex and Nottingham! Many thanks to Grandmaster Loh and all the instructors and seniors for organising and providing such a great training opportunity , and also to the other TTA Clubs who travelled to London to attend.

Summary from Lennon:
The London sparring course offers those of us based in London the greatest opportunity to work on our Taekwondo practice under Grandmaster Loh, being able to gain insights into current practice and developments from his active involvement at kukkiwon. It is a learning experience and also an opportunity to consolidate knowledge and practice. 2017 has been no different to previous years; 2 days of technique, poomsae, kicking, jumping, aerial kicks – I wouldn’t miss it for a thing!!

Summary from Elias:
This was my first time I attended a course led by Grandmaster Loh and was having mixed feelings before the start of the training. I was very excited and at the same time petrified, the same feeling you get just before you ride a roller coaster.

However, once Grandmaster Loh entered the classroom I immediately felt at ease and my excitement peaked. During the course, we were taught not only how to refine our moves and patterns and learn new ones, my legs still ache from the jump back kicks, but also how to focus mentally and set goals in our lives. Grandmaster Loh was walking among us to make sure our moves were on point and we were pushing ourselves to the maximum. It was a truly fantastic opportunity to train with team mates from across all TTA clubs and share the shame passion for Tae Kwon Do. I will surely be back for more training courses!

TTA Sussex student:
“I really enjoyed the weekend because I learnt to use new techniques such as the 360 turning kick and the back kick. I also liked the opportunity to work with new people and to do exercises that we usually don’t do. I enjoyed working on my skip kick and the 360 kick. I would definitely recommend this course to others because it helps you improve your ability to do TaeKwonDo while you are tired which would be useful in competitions or during regular sessions.”

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