TTA Charlton demo in Blackheath


On Saturday 21st July members from TTA London Charlton and Barbican clubs gave a demonstration of their taekwondo skills to onlookers at the Sunfields Summer Festival in Blackheath, London.

The aim was to give the crowd an insight into a training session at one of the TTA clubs. Everyone began and ended the demonstration together in the same way our training sessions are structured and then each grade grouping showed a selection of activities including patterns, 3-step sparring, 1-step sparring, kicking techniques on paddles and finally individual measuring up and breaking simulations.

The crowd thoroughly enjoyed the display, bursting into spontaneous applause and encouraging gasps on many occasions. At the end, we gave those interested a chance to try punching skills on paddles and were questioned about the clubs, the association and our own taekwondo journeys.

Members of the clubs also enjoyed the event, giving feedback that they enjoyed sharing their taekwondo practice with others and wanting to refine and show even more in the future. It was also great for the more junior Charlton club members to observe senior training first hand. A great experience for all.

Attending: Tricia, Romuald, Anda, Elias, Annecy, Josh, Robin, Samel, Asim.

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