31st TTA Team Championships, April 2016


The 31st TTA Team Championships were held on the 10th April in Glasgow at the Bellahouston Centre. 12 members of TTA London travelled to Glasgow the day before for a team dinner to relax and exchange last minute tips on what to expect on the day of the competition!

TTA London returned successfully, winning 8 medals/trophies  (2 Golds, 2 Silvers, 4 Bronze) and placed 4th in the Squad Table in addition to winning the team spirit trophy. Results and competitors experiences are summarised below. Congratulations all competitors and thanks to all organisers and coaches for another successful event!


Pair Poomsae: Gold
Charlotte Foong and Anthony Cornwell

Team Poomsae (5): Gold
Sarah Garrett, Esi Eshun, Tricia Eghagha, Jennifer Small, Louise Mayor

Team Poomsae (3): Silver
David Anderson, Victor Barzey, Bharat Raj

Female Individuals Kyorugi:
Esi Eshun: Silver
Tricia Eghagha: Bronze
Anda Madar: Bronze

Team Kyorugi:
Female London Team: Bronze
Esi Eshun, Tricia Eghagha, Anda Madar

Male London Team: Bronze
David Anderson, Victor Barzey, Bharat Raj

Male Ayr Team: Bronze
Patrick Callaghan (London) + Ayr Team

Coaches and Referees

Mr Bender
Dr Lew
Jemima Kingsley
Sarah Garrett
Charlotte Foong
Anthony Cornwell
Jennifer Small
Louise Mayor

Competitor Experiences

“Having the chance to compete in my first team poomse competition was extremely exciting, although the challenges were many. Among these were the limited opportunities to train as a quintet, syncing every single move in a pattern with multiple speeds, stances and directions, as well as jumping kicks, the biggest challenge being wanting to do well for the team. The highlight for me was most definitely the moment 5 senior female TTA London members kihaped in unison to a completely silent hall…! Brilliant team experience. The team spirit continued with the female sparring completion where we each fought individually but with the full and vocal support of the team and other TTA London members, we showcased some good kurugi practice. On top of all of that there was an additional female individual sparring competition where the TTA London females again brought focus and commitment to their sparring and met some personal goals. A long and intense day which brought out the taekwondo spirit in all of us!”
Esi Eshun

“This was my second TTA competition and the first in which I’d competed as part of a team. Sparring as part of a team made for a totally different experience because, while you felt an extra responsibility to do your best for your team mates, you also benefitted from their support and encouragement as well as the camaraderie that comes from working together to achieve a goal. In particular, knowing your team was cheering you on gave you that extra incentive to dig deep in the last minutes of a match when your heart was pounding and legs felt like jelly.

“The London intermediate team fielded 3 players against Glasgow TTA, with two of us having to spar twice during the match. Sparring twice in quick succession was a new experience for me and, while it was a real test of fitness and stamina, it also gave you a chance to apply the lessons you’d learned in the first match. Although the Glasgow team came away with a deserved win, there was only a couple of points in it and I think that we all learned a great deal from the experience. As well as the opportunity to spend a great weekend together with the TTA London gang and say hello to some familiar faces at other clubs, for me, the key lesson from the weekend was to remind myself of the extra level of intensity required to compete successfully and try to apply it in my training throughout the year.”
Dave Anderson

“This was my first time competing with TTA and I have to say it was lots of fun. I was not so sure going to it but I’m glad I did as it turned out to be a very enjoyable trip. Not only did I get to know my London teammates better, I met many people from other TTA clubs around the country. As for the sparring, you somehow find extra flexibility and stamina on the day and perform far better than you thought you would!”
Bharat Raj

“Fighting in the TTA Competition ws a great experience. The senior grades were really supportive and gave us plenty of good advice when they were not refereeing or competing. We also got to watch a potential Olympic competitor in action which was remarkable and made me realise how important flexibility is to being successful! Our Male London team fought valiantly but lost 3-2 to a well practised Scottish team who eventually went on to win the competition. I learned a lot and am looking forward to competing again soon.”
Victor Barzey

“Another great trip with the London TTA. It was a great experience competing at this senior level and i enjoyed every minute of it. Bring on the next and well done to London for doing so well. More of the same next time.”
Patrick Callaghan

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