3rd Annual London Sparring Course


Over the weekend, 7 – 8th May 2016, TTA London hosted the 3rd Annual Sparring Course led and instructed by Grandmaster Loh. The course encompassed a variety of areas required to build up good Kyorugi practice, from fitness, posture, flexibility, agility, strength and conditioning as well as lots of great partner sparring drills and many rounds of one for one kicking!

With 27 in attendance largely from London from 9th kup to 4th dan, and special guests from Germany, Switzerland and Scotland, the weekend was hugely beneficial for all, providing plenty of inspiration, training practice and areas of improvement for future training!

Many thanks to Grandmaster Loh for his invaluable instruction and for travelling to London for the weekend, and all those involved in the organisation of the course.

Below are the recollections from a range of grades who attended:

“I was extremely excited about the prospect of attending sparring course in my town and to train directly under the supervision of our patron Grandmaster Loh. I can’t put to words how invaluable this training course was to me personally in gaining right knowledge and determination in perfecting my sparring skills. I have learned about my strengths and weaknesses and with grandmaster’s encouragement I feel extremely inspired to continue my Taekwondo journey further!”
Gintare Marasinskaite

“As a beginner with only a couple of months experience performing Taekwondo, I found the weekend sparring course exhilarating both physically and mentally. The flow of Grandmaster Loh’s course proved the importance of all aspects of overall fitness including cardio, stretching and strength training. Paired with the visible progression across the grades I feel greatly inspired to push myself harder to the edge of my capabilities!”
Kaylee Irwin

“The 2016 sparring course was an amazing opportunity to train under instruction from Grandmaster Loh. It started with some basic techniques and worked through to more complex combinations. The guidance, patience and support given was really appreciated for someone at my grade. There was a good mix of partner, pad work and line work that kept it interesting at all times. It was a tough but enjoyable couple of days and was great to train with so many senior grades.

“It helped me identify areas that I need to improve and I noticed in the next class I felt much more confident in my own abilities.”
Thomas Groarke

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